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i need some drawing practice and would love to draw your weird little ships
anything will do
if it's reigisa then i'm happy to let you know i'm already working on it
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hi my name is adriana i live in michigan and noragami makes me very angry
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i wrote it (IM MUCH BETTER NOW I PROMISE) and i like to see what people think of it. plus tons of grammar issues so.
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i mean like i could draw you something if you wanted that. or write something. i just want points so i can do things. i'll prob set up some commissions soon enough so.

i guess i'm back??? i won't be here frequently, but every so often yeah.
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okay so, im making this musical (see here:… ) and it's somehow really popular. I want to show the people what my characters look like, so could any of you LOVELY PEOPLE draw two of my characters? There's four total, and I have a commission pending. I don't have any points (all i have is three ; A ; ) but i would really be really really happy if you could. I'd give you credit on the post too (if it's a sketch i'll probably color it, but still give credit where credit is due) SO THANKS I LOVE YOU ALL
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After a few life changing months apparently, I have changed. Let's so how much? Original:…

Name: Adriana
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birthday: February 10th.
School/Grade: 8th grader soon enoough
Job: singer in a baaand
Parents Still Together: yes.
Siblings: Older sister and two half-brothers
Pets: dog and a cat
Smoker: No
Drinker: No
Virgin: Yes
Drugs: No


-Hair Colour: black
-Is it Dyed: not yet
-Eye colour: Brown
-Height: dunno man
-Style: i like punk clothing ok. band t-shirts, skinny jeans, eyeliner. everything.
-Glasses/Contacts/None?: glasses.
-Freckles: Nope.
-Shoe size: 9
-Piercings: Ears.
-Want More?: yes. lip still. probably wont though cause pain
-Tattoos?: nope
-Want More?: i dont have any to being with??
-Braces?: yep
-Overall Best Feature?: i dunno
-Overall Worst Feature?: i dunno? my worst trait that i said before was my hairy face, but i get waxed now so
-Do you get most of your traits from mum or dad?: hell no. i think.


-Favourite Colour: red
-Worst Colour: Brown
-Favourite Number(s): 7
-Favourite Animal: ferrets
-Least Favourite Animal: idk man
-Favourite Flower: pretty ones
-Favourite Food: italiaaan
-Worst Food: um
-Favourite Junk Food: everything.
-Worst Junk Food: idk
-Favourite Restaurant: cheddars.
-Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip
-Favourite Candy: Skittles.
-Favourite Alcoholic Drink: champagne is cool. havent had yet tho
-Favourite NON Alcoholic Drink: Soda
-Worst Alcoholic Drink: idk
-Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: idK MAN
-Favourite Genre of Music: punk, punk rock, pop punk, things along those lines.
-Worst Genre: probably country. not my thing yo
-Favourite Band/Artist: panic! at the disco. currently obsessing over fall out boy tho. favorite soloist is marina and the diamonds.
-Worst Band/Artist: idgaf dude
-Favourite Song: uuuh some fall out boy song i guess
-Worst Song: uugh
-Favourite Radio Station: alt nation has some good tunes i guess. or bbc.
-Favourite Book: gray (by pete wentz)
-Worst Book: uh idk
-Favourite Type of Movie: i still dont like movies. but comedies or really cute romances.
-Worst Type of Movie: i guess horror films, but i've never seen any
-Favourite Movie: now you seE ME. IT'S SO GREAT
-Worst Movie Ever: The Tale of Desperuax still. that movie was bad, guys.
-Favourite TV Show: still degrassi. still a guilty pleasure. bUT IT PREMIERES TOMORROW I'M SO EXCITED
-Worst TV Show: mlp. i watched the first 15 minutes and no
-Favourite Season of the Year: winter
-Worst Season: fall
-Best Friend: probably robert?? maybe jadyn she's the shit yo
-Worst Enemy: uh i dont know and i really dont care. last time i did this i tried to act tough, but i was scared actually. now i serious could not care at all about haters.
-Favourite Day of the Week: uh saturdays
-Least Favourite: mondays. we have to remember sunday.
-Favourite Sport: Basketball i guess


-Are You Single?: yep. and i can't believe i answered that in japanese oh my goodness
-If not, who is your bf/gf?: hiss
-How Long Have You Been Together?: hiissSS
-If You're Single, Do you Like It?: its cool i guess but i feel lonely
-Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now?: yes
-First Kiss: none
-Ever Kiss in the Rain?: no
-In a Movie Theatre?: ew why thatd be stupid.
-Underwater?: somewhat more cute
-First Love: daniel. since february haha help me.
-Have you ever Cheated on Anyone?: if i got someone i probably wouldn't because im desperate
-Been Cheated on?: probably sooner or later i mean come on its me
-Used Someone?: um. probably
-Been used?: probably. probably a lot.
-Lied to your bf/gf?: i might at first because i'll be scared and not want to scare them away and want to impress them
-Ever Made out With Just a Friend?: i might idk
-Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend?: still a virgin, hon
-Are You a Tease?: uhh. no.
-Do you Flirt a Lot?: probably, im told im obvious.
-Longest Relationship: none
-Shortest: noNE
-Have you Ever Gotten a Poem?: i've written letters does that count
-Ever Get Flowers?: no, but that'd be a sweet gesture, but a bit cliche for me.
-Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten: A compliment via interent from a guy I liked. I started crying. He posted a Facebook status saying,
"I hate it when you like someone and they don't like you back" Then I commented sayiiing,
"Yup. Happened likes siiiix times." Guess what he said. My heart is getting happy thinking about it :33
"Ooh, man, sorry. They are missing out."
i think that still is omg heLP JUSTIN YOU'RE SO NICE
-Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day?: fuCK NO IT'S HORRIBLE ESPECIALLY AT SCHOOL
-Do you Believe in Love at First Sight?: no, because then you are 'falling in love' with their body and/or face.
-Do you Fall in Love Fast?: no
-Are you a Player?: haa
-Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex?: not hook up, but you never know
-Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day?: i haven't kissed one in my entire life
-Kissed 2 People At One Time?: no
-Had Sex with 2 People in One day?: nope
-Had sex with 2+ People at One Time?: no threesomes pls
-Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?: yes i have
-Ever Been Dumped?: no relationships still
-Ever dumped someone?: still no
-Ever been rejected?: a lot. by daniel too. he's got a kick ass girl.
-Do you have a lot of ex's?: no
-Are you a slut?: no
-Ever been called one?: probably as a joke
-Ever dated someone more than once?: nope
-Do you ever make the first move?: uh i dont think so?
-Double dates or single?: depends
-Do you want to get married?: i do


-Can you drive?: not yet
-Do You Have a Car?: no
-Do you have a mobile phone?: yes
-Are you online a lot?: too much
-Do you like gay/bi people?: okay my previous response was offensive. and yes i do.
-Do you do well in school?: ha no i dont do shit but i made it through some how so idk
-Do you collect anything?: scarves still. and band merch.
-Have an obsession?: fall out bOY HELP
-Do you hate yourself?: no, not really. i dont like myself either
-Ever smile for no reason?: i guess
-Talk to yourself?: yeah, a lot. i pretend like i'm talking to a camera.
-Do you have any regrets?: i do.
-Believe in magic?: yes but not the slight of hand people do.
-Do you support gay marriage?: yes but my state doesn't
-Sex before marriage?: i dont think i want to, no. not me at least
-Do you trust people easily?: i think so
-Forgive easily?: depends on a lot of stuff
-Do you have a secret no one knows?: uh i guess. nothing big though
-Do you get along with your parents?: not really.
-How do you vent your anger?: laugh and smile.
-Do you like George Bush?: sure why not
-Goal Before you die?: so many.
-Biggest Fear: stuff.
-Biggest Weakness: patrick stump
-Do you play an instrument?: piano and cello. better at cello.
-What do you want to be when you grow up?: Singer/ Musician in a band still. got a dream, got a spark, got somewhere to be.


-A b****?: i can be
-A daydreamer?: yes
-Shy?: socially anxious
-Talkative?: yeah
-Energetic?: uh huh
-Happy?: yes
-Depressed?: not medically
-Funny?: think so.
-Slutty?: no
-Boring?: sometimes
-Mean?: i dont like to be nooo
-Nice?: i think i am
-Caring?: yes
-Trustworthy?: kinda
-Confident?: NOPE
-Friendly?: yes
-Smart?: kinda
-Sarcastic?: i am
-Dependable?: probably
-Quiet?: sometimes
-Weird?: i guess
-Adaptable?: sure?
-Strong (emotionally)?: i think so
-Strong (physically)?: haha nope
-Mature?: nah
-Logical?: suure
-Religious?: no not really. i do believe in God and all, but i don't know much
-Modest?: a little too much
-Indecisive?: i don't know, let me think uuummm
-Sympathetic?: yeah
-Polite?: usually
-Creative?: um. after dont hug me im scared...
-Fun to be around?: i am told
-Loveable?: maybe
-Easily Amused?: yeah
-Outgoing?: noPE
-Daring?: kinda
-Clumsy?: yes
-Nosy?: yes
-Lazy?: yeah
-Scary?: probably have you seen the make-up i wear
-Optimistic?: yes!
-Persuasive?: uuh
-A good listener?: yeah
-Curious?: yes
-Determined?: yes. most things
-Artistic?: yeah
-Honest?: usually
-Respectful?: yes.
-Conceited?: not even close
-Cocky?: nope
-Controlling?: nah
-Playful?: yeah
-Easygoing?: yes and i'm so done with this meme
-Carefree?: kinda
-Hot Headed?: duNNO
-Serious?: not really
-Thoughtful?: yeah
-Considerate?: yes
-Stubborn?: no. kinda. maybe. i dunno.
-Romantic?: yesss
-Ambitious?: heeeck yes honey
-Jealous?: so much so.
-Insecure?: very
-Obsessive?: depends
-Attentive?: kinda
-Helpful?: i try to be
-Punctual?: sort of
-Rational?: yeah
-Sincere?: yes
-Goodbye: so long solider
-Did you enjoy this survey?: no
-Was it too long?: yes
-Do you think it contained just about everything?: no

that was not fun but here this is.
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Hey remember that crappy novel intro I wrote a year ago called "Headphones"? Yeah. I'm still working on that I haven't even began writing it straight through, but I have several ideas and bits of story written. In any case, I saw this meme thing, and I haven't done one in who knows how long, so yeah. And here is my re-write to my intro so faR I'M WORKING ON IT

    Breathing is my favorite stress reliever. There are things like playing music, or going on the Internet, or simply sleeping, but breathing in and out feels different. Like I'm breathing out of all my stress. I shut off my mind. I shut off my body. It's quiet. If there wasn't near silence, my process wouldn't exist. When I lay down with a stress induced headache, I close my eyes and began breathing. Slowly and steady. I don't exist for a moment. That makes the world better for her, and for him. Neither of these people I have met so far, but I know what I'm going to do to them. She will fall in love with me. I'll screw it up. He'll put his life in my hands. I'll screw it up. I always do. Just like with Stephanie. I don't want to hurt them. I love them. I miss Brian, Masie, and Mark. They were nice. We saved each others lives on a daily basis. They were the best people I knew, and still are. They trusted me, I trusted them, we loved each other. Why did I have to leave them behind and make them concerned and worried and

    ... I need to take a breathe. Give me a moment.

(wow that was bad let's continue)

1. Hello! What's your name?

No stop right there. I'll tell you about a character myself. The main character of my book is Christian Tarret.

2. What's your favorite thing?

Um... fUCK that's okay this is why I do this. I'll probably say one of his guitars. Nice thing for him.

3. What's your favorite character?

What. His favorite person would probably be Marina. Marina Williams.

4. The least?

FUCKING JUSTIN KOLBERG. He is Marina's boyfriend, or ex, depending on where we are.

5. What can't you stand on DA?

i don't even fucking go on here anymore

how about the weird ass art and annoying people

6. What are your abilities?

He is a high school kid. But, he can play several instruments very well, and has like all of them because his family is rich, he can speak fluent English, Spanish, and French (things get boring in the mansion), aaaand... Singing? I guess. He can sing.

7. Favorite food?

Pizza. You'd expect something rich and expensive but

8. Have you killed anyone?

Almost himself.

9. Are you hero, or villain?

He doesn't know yet.

10. If you had met a genie from a lamp, what do you would wish?

To find Stephanie.

11. Favorite drink?


12. Friends?

Marina Williams, Tyler Baker, Charlie McCarther, Aaron (???), Alec (???), and the drummer it depends on what book, man.

13. Family?

An abusive father who is now in jail, a neglectful and hardworking mother, a missing sister... He's got a great family.

14. Have a pie! *pies the character with a pie that contains the character's favorite flavor*

why stop

15. Have a bad habit?

DEPENDS ON WHERE. First book, if he could calm down, he would cut, that's a bad habit. In the third (it's a sequel to the first), he would smoke, and his friends didn't

16. What do you do to kill time?

Music. Music music music. And Tumblr. And games. But mostly music.

17. Who is your favorite hero?

Favorite hero?? How about hero. He looks up to Ryan Ross, he idolizes him. He finds his past depressing, yet inspiring. Cause he made it.

18. If you won a billion dollars, what do you react?

He's already rich it would be like a nice gift.

19. What do you not like?

Haven't we been through this. People, himself, school, this town, etc.

20. Ever wanted to do something with your most hateful foe?

Kick his behind the school. YOU ME



21. Favorite animal?

Why the fuck

22. Favorite videogame?

Bioshock Infinite.

23. Want me to end this meme?


24. Really?

stop that

25. Then tag someone before you leave!


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  • Drinking: pepsi
ayyye y'all

hows life.

im thirteen now. that's cool. i'm internet legal now wHOOOO

I'm also a bit a Tumblr too. I have been spending the majority of my time on there. So now I'm all more "irony babe" and "okay." instead of "OMG!!" and "lol XD". (thankfully.)

it's really embarrassing that that was me.

Anyway, let me spill out my life story to you, so far.

I have made a best friend! Robert, is his name. Three years older (he's fifteen right now his birthday is in like august or something), a sophomore in our neighboring high school. My friend was all "OMFGI HAVE A CRUSH ON THIS GUY HES SO CUTE" (except she wasn't so annoying about it), and I was all "let mE MEET HIM" and eventually I did (October 19th, I checked a while ago.) and now he's like my brother. and i love him to shrrreddss. and we haven't met yet and he's sO FUCKING MEAN ON HIMSELF  O M F G LIKE BABY UR WONDERFUL STAHP

I fell in love for the first time this year. He has a girl, and is in my grade. It kinda sucks, but hey. His girlfriend is a super sweetie thought, I love her. And they are sooo cute together omg. He's really sweet too. And my good friend Alyssa has a boyfriend, Justin, and they aRE TOTES ADORBS YOU DONT EVEN KNOW. but they have been kind of annoying lately. like. they have been excluding us and running away to talk about themselves, and we feel really left out.

I left my bad friends! YAAAYY why am i talking like this does been on deviantart bring out my inner 10 year old.

My new group of friends include Alyssa, Justin, Anna, and Carrie. Mainly. Sometimes others hang around (I've been making friends with Zoe, Chloe, and rebuilding my friendship with Marisa), like Emily or Marisa or something. But yeah that's a thing.

Um. A guy I liked asked me out. Whoooo. But I said know because we know nothing about each other and haven't really talked in real life before so. All my friends are like "U GUYS SHOULD GO OUT LOL U WULD B SO KEWT 2GETHER!!!!!!!!!! XDD"

Fandoms! I've joined many fandoms. I am now apart of the Sherlock fandom, Doctor Who, and Supernatural (Superwholock!). I have finished Sherlock so THIRD SEASON WHERE, I have barely seen any of Doctor Who, and I am somewhere in season 6 in Supernatural.

And I have qualified myself as "Punk", like in MyMusic (WHICH I LOVE I AM DYING FOR THE NEXT SEASON LIKE NOW PLS). Favorite band is Panic! at the Disco, second is Fall Out Boy (GONNA GO SEE FALL OUT THE DISCO IN CONCERT SO FUCKING PUMPED FOR THAT), then there is Foster The People. I have been listening to a few scene songs, and am gonna get into those. Also love All Time Low : D theyre fantastic okay

but that is all my friends, tell me how you are???
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Thought I'd write a quick journal entry to let you know I'm NOT dead.

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So I guess I'm back? Not really, I mean, I didn't really *leave*. I always check this site so.
I'm up to date on Homestuck. That's a thing.
Sword Art Online
Future Diary
Soul Eater
I don't know.
If you wanna talk, then just send me a comment on my profile, k?
But now for the purpose of this journal...

My friend and I are doing a anime family feud, so if you'd like to be apart of the survey, please answer the questions below!! Just comment on this journal!


Anime Family Feud

1. Name a popular anime.

2. Besides anime, what you see people cosplay as at conventions?

3. Name a good anime to suggest for a newcomer.

4. What does an otaku spend the most money on?

5. What trait makes an otaku?

6. What are the most important aspects of good cosplay?

7.  Besides a sword, what is a common weapon seen in anime?

8.  What is a common element of Fanservice?

9. Name a popular voice actor.

10. Name a Japanese honorific commonly used in animes.

11. Name a commonly used Japanese word by an otaku.

12. What are some reasons females blush in animes?

13. What are some reasons males blush in animes?

14. Name a common color of hair used in anime

15. Name a type of food often eaten in anime.

16. Name something in anime that wouldn't happen in real life.

17. Name an anime character who is not Japanese.

18. Name a popular anime production company

19. What are you most likely to wait in line for at a convention?

20. A sure sign that an anime character is in love.

Thank you! :D
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1. Are you highly attracted to anyone right now?

2. If someone looked ON your bed, what would they find?
A giant stuffed teddy bear being used as a pillow a comforter and most likely a fat cat

3. Last person to take off your pants?
me 0_0

4. Have you ever sneaked someone over to your house?
not yet

5. How do you feel about your hair right now?
I need a shower >.<

6. Do you hate it when people try to play with your hair?

7. Could you go a day without eating?

8. Did you speak to your father today?
yes, mr. random question

9. If someone liked you, would you want them to tell you?

10. Would you be able to name everyone you kissed this year?
no one except my parents so

11. Would you rather have your parents catch you having sex or smoking weed?
Smoking weed it'd be less awkward, 8ut more screaming

12. How many drugs are in your system?

13. Do you fall for people easily?
hell fucking yes

14. When is the next time you will kiss someone of the opposite sex?
how the fuck am i supposed to know

15. Do you have to sleep with a television on?

16. Has anyone said they love you in the last week?
parents  #thuglife

17. Think back to June... Who did you like?
my face. fucking amazing

18. Do you have a secret that you've never told ANYONE?

19. What were you doing before you sat down at the computer?
messing with my papers in my binder

20. Are you a very opinionated person? Or do you keep mum about things?

21. So I have to know, what are your thoughts on 2012?
its a year, isnt it?

22. Have you had a very good day? Or was it bad? Why or why not?
it was decent. mr. wonder texted me in class *7*

23. Is your favorite color stereotypical for your gender?
a little 8ut i don't like purple just cause it's pretty, cause of the homies

24. If you had to choose someone to sleep next to every night, and wake up to, who would it be?
mr. taxi c::::

25. Do you look decent when you wake up?

26. Are you happy?
pretty much 0u0 :sun:

27. Will tomorrow be better than today?
who knows

28. Were you happy when you woke up today?
i guess

29. What mood are you in right now?

30. When was the last time you held hands with someone?
i don't know. when i still held my moms hand?

31. Do you like someone right now?

32. Will you regret your next kiss?
hopefully not dam im not a fucking psychic

33. Who was the last person you gave the finger to?
some little kids dont ask questions

34. Have you ever liked someone older then you?

35. Do you like your name?

36. Have you ever talked to a cop drunk?
im 12

37. Do you miss someone right now?

38. How would your parents react if you got a tattoo?
i never want one

39. Was this the best summer of your life?
i don't think so

40. The past two nights, where did you sleep?
room, couch

41. Who's the person that hurt you most in life recently?
Mackenzi Ferden. yeah im giving out your full name 8itch

42. Do you still talk to them?

43. Hungry?

44. Do you keep a journal?
i wanna
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  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Ramune
I got a present for you, Casey.

Sorry it's got a little dirt on it.



I'm dancing to that song at my wedding.
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  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Ramune
I got taggled.

Tagger: The lovely :iconbeccalendsahand:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create 10 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6. No tag backs.
7. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 people.

(The above doesn't matter. Teddy and I ALWAYS breaka da rules.)

1. I have a habit of saying random Japanese words when they make NO sense (Nani=What, Nee=Hey, Eto=Well, Ano=Um, etc.)
2. I take my iPod everywhere, thus leading to it cracking.
3. I am learning Japanese. Konnichiwa! Genki desu ka?
4. It's always been my dream to go to a real live host club.
5. I'd like to be a musician/singer, but if that doesn't work out, a detective. I really want to voice act too.
6. My favorite troll is Vriska.
7. I am often greeted by "Are you Sarah's sister?"
8. I've sold my soul to Hussie.
9. My bestest friend is Katherine.
10. When I stalk people, it usually leads to me being their friend.


1. Favorite color?


2. Favorite kind of chocolate bar?

The one with chocolate in it.

3. Favorite board game?


4. Favorite anime?

Homestuck Soul Eaterrr

5. Favorite video game system?

Anything vintage.

6. Any pets?

One fat cat and one getting fat dog,

7. Favorite NHL team?

National....National...Hockey League?

8. Color of the walls of your room?


9. How many deviations do you have?

Check yourself.

10. Are you glad it's over?


Right MY TURN!!!

1. There's a pedo bear after you, what do you do?

"Oh, no, no, you've got it wrong. I'm actually 24."

2. Interesting...ARRRRGGHHHHH whats that behind you????


3. Phew I was worried then..heheh...ummm....Would you rather have potato hands or eggy feet?

... :iconwthplz:

4. WOW!!! That says alot about you!!! Ummm lets do something normal, if you could go anywhere in the UNIVERSE where would you go?

Some other planet in the universe that as an atmosphere and living aliens on it.

5. Half way there!!(Im running out of questions) Do you like mud monsters?


6. Beetle Bears?


7. Honey hobo's?


8. Hm...OMFG Kristen Stewart smiled at you what do you do?

Cry myself home.

9. what do you say to this: POWER DUO!!!

That thing with you and your friend, yes?

10. Well its done! Or is it?


My questions or whatever:

1. What time is it? Adventure? Hammer? Or something else?

2. ~What would you do if a muffin ate youu~?

3. SIMULATION GAME! What is your favorite anime?

4. Favorite character from that anime?

5. Okay, boy character

6. Pretend he came to your school one day. What would you do?

7. And say he asked you on a date. Then what would you say.

8. Okay, simulation over.

9. If you found out your school had a host club, would you go?

10. Go get me some Faygo.

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I like feedback. I really do. ._.
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And I took A LOT so.
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So. Today is my last day at home for a while.

Because I'll be staying at a hotel.



AHH I'M SO EXCITED!! My mom is letting me skip school tomorrow (asdfghjkl; :iconletmehugyouplz:), and we are gonna leave early c: SO EXCITE BIKES! I'll be Maka most of the time, but there's a HIGHLY GOOD chance I'll be Vriska some other times, like DURING THE TWO HOMESTUCK PANELS. LIKE. WAT. It's amazing.

Here are the panels I'll be going to:

Nobody wants to be "That Guy"
Live Ouran! (Have to miss "Ask a Nation: A Hetalia Panel" for this XC BUT IT'S GONNA BE WORTH IT)
Anime Name That Tune (The first 30 minutes theeeen...)
Pick Your Color: Blue Squares, Yellow Scarves, or Colorless? (Durarara!! panel 8D)
Let Us Discuss Homestuck
Mario Party (THE FIRST 30 MINUTES :iconcryforeverplz: Also gotta miss FMA: Through the Eyes of Maes Huges :'( . Then I'm off toooo...)
The Velvet Room 4: Golden
PASTA!!!- A Fun Look at Hetalia
Cherami Leigh, Todd Haberkorn, & Fred Gallagher
FUNimation Industry Panel
Cherami Leigh Q&A
Potter Puppt Pals

That's all c: I CAN'T WAIT!


  • Listening to: MeGaLoVania
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  • Listening to: MeGaLoVania
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Soul Eater
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Ramune
  • Listening to: MeGaLoVania
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: Soul Eater
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts II
  • Eating: Souls
  • Drinking: Ramune
Are you gonna go trick-or-treating? I am.


I'm not going trick-or-treating.

I'm going.

Trick AND Treating. :icondealwithitplz: :iconyeahplz: :iconyeahplz:

((I don't know XD))

Who wants to guess who I am going as!? I'm not gonna tell you. If you follow my Instragram, you'll probably know, so don't say anything (:iconmiss-rinrin:). Hints are it's a girl from Homestuck c: I'll probably post photos, soo yeah.

Um, let's update on other stuff :D

-Homestuck related stuff-

I'm stuck on Homestuck. HALP.

So, we had our orchestra concert yesterday, and we got to wear our costumes, so I wore mine. While I was on stage, some high schooler came up to me and said, "That is a RAD costume!" I was like, "Thank youu." I got so excited! Then went we were done playing, an Marisa and I had to go drop off a cello to a highschooler, and that kid was there (Named Homestuck Guy), and he pointed at me and said, "______, right?" And I was like, "YESS!" I WAS SO ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSDFGHJK<MNBVCDFTYUIOL>E<MRNFJ. I'M NOT THE ONLY HOMESTUCK IN MY SCHOOL DISTRICT 8DDDDDD

I've been listening to a lot of Homestuck music recently. That is all there is to say on the matter.

MY COMPUTER HATES HOMESTUCK. It won't load my page :c

The guy my friend has a crush on likes Homestuck 8DDDDDD T'was awesome! T'is awesome!

So. I hear Rosemary (KanayaxRose) went canon recently. What do you Homestucks think about that?

-Non-Homestuck related stuff

We had our dance a while ago. It sucked. I danced a little. And I was a wallflower.

So much to do for the convention! D8

FRIEND ISSUES D: Trying to be better friends with Justin. He and I have been having random acts of lol-times a lot recently. We have this on-going joke, where he tries to hit/kill me with his bass. In orchestra a month ago, about, he was picking up his bass right as I turned around, and it almost it my hit. Like SO CLOSE. So yeah. Jokes. I sat with him today at lunch (and Anna and Alyssa and Carrie-not my normal group of friends) when my normal group of friends were all ignoring me at our table. We had so much fun at that table, though! I was glad I left. We were laughing about funny things that weren't perverted like my normal friend group does, and I thought that was fun c:

Anyway, that is all.

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It's music (instrumental) in case you wanna listen, I recommend c:

Vriska's Theme:…